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Golf Attractions

Adult Inflatable Golf Driving Cage

How far can you hit the ball? Find out by swinging our club of your choice in our inflatable golf driving cage. Our golf driving cage includes a radar gun/monitor that will monitor the speed and the distance of every drive that you make. We also will supply wood drivers and assortment of clubs. We will have available right-hand and left-hand clubs this is the time to show off your skills. We are the only event company on East Coast that supplies radar monitoring equipment showing the distance the golf ball as travel. Quite unique.

Adult Inflatable Chip Shot

Try our chip shot inflatable golf game if you love playing golf and see how many clubs you use to hit balls into holes. However, the holes here are actually basketball hoop stand for different points (10, 20, 30) dish golf chip shot inflatable will test how good players are of the skill of basic chip shots. A must have game for any small or large event. The chip shot interactive game has a small green that you hit the golf ball towards one of the highest scores inside the inflatable. We supply assortment of clubs and golf balls. A must-have game for any indoor or outdoor event.

Kid’s Chip Shot

Give your guests an exciting challenge at your next event! Watch as they try to hit the air hovering Golf ball to get a hole in one! After each try the golf ball will return down the net, back to the golfer. Event guests of all ages will have a great time, trying to hit the ball into each of the designated holes.

Adults and Kids Golf Challenge

The colorful backdrop, which is designed to look like a golf course, is Velcro receptive, show the special Velcro practice golf balls stay right where you hit them. For pros or novice alike, this game can quickly become addicted. This game is not inflatable and therefore it does not require electricity. Great family entertainment.

Putt and Win Golf Game

Be the next Club Champion, or just have some fun putting! Our Single Hole Mini Golf Game is a great addition to any event, especially for CORPORATE EVENTS, SCHOOLS ETC. The course may look simple, but it is harder than it looks to putt the ball perfectly up the steep hill, so put your putting skills to the test. Add some Mini Golf fun to your next event and order the Putt and Win Mini Golf Game today!

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